Trekking for a Cure

Dollars for Kilometres:
Challenge COMPLETED!

June 1 - September 30
Having done a number of fundraisers before, rather than just asking people for donations I wanted to do things a bit differently this time.

I have been looking for motivation to get in to running more as I’m trying to lose weight, plus the extra fitness will obviously help me during our Trek. So I was hoping people could pledge to sponsor me a dollar amount for every kilometre I can run over the next couple of months. I’m not a very good runner so I doubt I’ll rack up a huge number but on the off chance that I get super motivated a donation cap can be set.

For example, Tracey will pledge $1 per kilometre capped at $25.

I understand that everyone is on a budget but even small donations make a big difference as every little bit adds up so even if you can only spare a few dollars, it would really be appreciated.

I’ll keep track of my kilometres via the runkeeper app (see my progress here) and will post updates here as well as via facebook and our blog.

“A waterfall begins from only one drop of water. Look what comes from that...”

Runkeeper Updates

My Totals:

51.83km run

in a duration of 6Hrs 50mins 34secs

3686 calories burned

Best average pace: 7:28min/km


Sponsor Me!

To sponsor me, you can comment below via your facebook profile with how much you would like to pledge per kilometre and your donation cap.

For example: $1 per kilometre capped at $25.

Not on Facebook? Send me an email with your pledge and I'll add it to the list further down!

Once the fundraiser is complete you can either head to my individual Cancer Council Fundraiser page and make your donation online or give me your donation in person which I can deposit for you.

Not on Facebook? Send me an email with your pledge and I'll add it to the list below!